Successful Examples of Shared Services

City of Mason

City of Mason (pop. 30,000) and Mason City Schools (enrollment 10,000)

  • Shared property for combined School and Community Center
  • Results: Saved over $10,000,000 in capital costs; improved services and shared operating costs by sharing pool, field house, gyms, etc. year round

City of Mason and Tri-Health (Cincinnati area unified health system of hospitals, physician practices, and wellness facilities)

  • Partnered to expand City Community Center and add private physical therapy facility and multi-disciplinary doctor offices (30,000 square feet)
  • Results: Debt service on facility recouped by lease payments; new revenue stream, operating costs shared, increased foot traffic, over $1,000,000 operating deficit eliminated

City of Mason and At-large Business Community

  • City offers access to state-of-the-art public-private community center to prospective and growing businesses at reduced rate and as incentive for local business expansion
  • Results: Accelerated business growth, less reliance on tax incentives, increased foot traffic and revenues to City amenities


  • City general fund is $2.8 million a year better off than before the expansion with Tri-Health and City continues to expand the partnerships
  • "Wellness" has become community Theme;
  • Mason named Money Magazine's 7th Best Place to Live in 2013 as a result

City of Green (popn. 25,000) and Green City Schools (enrollment 4,000)

  • Shared administration building, pooled health care, county bilding, county health, Sheriff provides police services, dispatch
  • Results: 7% to 8% savings in $24.6 million annual budget

City of Tallmadge (popn. 17,537) (GRF $13.2 Million, all funds $28.7 Million)

  • Shared dispatch, county building, regional income tax, JEDD, IT consolidation and upgrade, shared heavy equipment (with 12 communities)
  • Results: 2008 General fund balance $2.2 million July 2012 balance $5.1 Million with NO tax increases, NO layoffs.

Harrison Hills Schools (enrollment 2,031, budget $15 Million)

  • Over a Dozen Shared Service projects with other schools, local governments and county agencies
  • Results: Turnaround from Fiscal Caution to $717,900 "Taxpayer Savings"
  • Summit County and it's townships, cities and villages(543,000 popn)

Akron, Barberton, County combined Health District

  • 25 Communities have combined building departments
  • Results: American City and County Award, reduced fees, increased services
Greater Ohio

In the spirit of Beyond Boundaries, The Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) recently released three independent reports identifying nearly $99 million in savings from governmental collaboration. GOPC's findings suggest that there are significant savings such as service improvements available to local and state agencies that purchase and maintain fleet equipment, chart routes for service provision, do bulk purchasing, and/or operate more than one location. These three reports highlight opportunities at the state and local levels to maximize existing resources for enhanced service delivery and cost savings to taxpayers. Click here to view the reports

These reports were developed in coordination with the Center for Community Solutions as part of a larger research package on shared services opportunities in Ohio: